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Collaborate to maximize
content creation

TruEdit is the cloud-based solution for teams to structure production and management of projects for web, phone, tablet, and print. Any team member that uses TruEdit can work side-by-side on projects and track the status of their tasks anytime or anywhere.

Cloud Workflow Application

Create responsive HTML right from within a workflow system

TruAuthor is the authoring tool within TruEdit that provides the single source of content for publishing to multiple channels. Creative team members can log in and produce rich, responsive HTML content that can be published for all screen sizes and sourced for print layouts via InDesign. Content created in TruAuthor is managed throughout the creative process within the TruEdit workflow.

Responsive Design HTML Layouts
Responsive Design HTML Layouts

With TruAuthor, you can create a single source of text that can output to digital and print layouts.


Work from anywhere

TruEdit is your central repository for work-in-progress content and can be accessed from a web browser, Adobe® InDesign® or InCopy®.

Web Browser

Project managers, freelancers, artists, writers and others on the creative team can launch a web browser and log into cloud-based collaboration.

InDesign Plug-in

Designers and production artists can collaborate in the TruEdit palette right within InDesign so they spend more time designing and less time tracking down information.

InCopy Plug-in

Writers and editors that depend on InCopy can fully participate in the creative process and keep edits moving along the workflow without ever leaving InCopy.

Microsoft® Word®

Integration with Microsoft Word allows for collaboration between the writer and the designer. Copy changes from Word documents are updated in the InDesign layout, and vice versa.

Monitor progress with TruEdit Overview

TruEdit Overview provides a display of InDesign pages for a specific issue, project or publication managed in TruEdit. Whether you're monitoring the pages of a magazine, the latest association newsletter, marketing materials or customer project, simply log in to the desktop application to view up-to-the-minute previews of your project, grouped by section, with color-coded status indicators. Instantly review individual spreads in detail, navigating page by page to see the latest updates.

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Automate workflows with TruEdit Toolbox

TruEdit Toolbox is the perfect add-on for users of Adobe InDesign and InCopy® that want to save time with smart automations. By offering auto-output, hyperlinking, and tagging solutions, the Toolbox adds value for those who want to maximize content creation.

Integrate with over 500 apps

TruEdit can connect and automate with hundreds of popular apps. Tie in a TruEdit workflow to popular apps such as Dropbox, Basecamp, Gmail, Slack, Evernote, and Twitter. You'll be able to improve the efficiency of your creative team without having to quit using your current processes for communication and production.


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