3 Ways to Future-Proof Your Technology Investments


Businesses today are rapidly integrating technology into their operations, and it’s easy to get trapped into making purchases prematurely or to miss opportunities. If you start with the right people, streamlined processes, executive support, and the right integration partner, you are on the right track. The key to staying ahead of the competition is to be proactive, not reactive, in acquiring technology that facilitates multichannel customer engagement.

Customers choose how and when to engage, meaning it’s important for you to be present everywhere they are. To future-proof your business, you must fully embrace this multichannel approach, or risk losing your customer’s attention. Aligning the ability to distribute to multiple channels, and the flexibility to adapt to changes in the industry is vitally important.

The top considerations organizations have when it comes to selecting tech solutions include:

To keep up with technology advancements, companies regularly need to undergo strategic technology audits. According to the 2016 Trends vs. Technologies Report (created by Capita Tech Systems, in partnership with Cisco), 78% of decision makers across all industries agree that keeping up with tech trends is vital or important, and 86% agree that it gives their business competitive advantage. It’s more important now than ever for tech producers to ensure their products and applications are adaptive, and for business partners to be selective with their purchasing decisions. Doing so prevents complete system overhauls and repeated new implementations from becoming regular occurrences.

So how, exactly, does one go about “future-proofing” investments in tech, when there’s no certainty what the future holds? Keeping these three easy concepts in mind can help: Simplify, Embrace, Adapt.

1) Simplify by streamlining management of your current assets. It’s better to focus your efforts on developing a single quality solution, than to over-complicate with multiple systems that require frequent turnover.

2) Embrace change and growth as constants. This mindset is important for the successful longevity of your tech-based product, application, or investment. Ensuring that the architecture of your program or application is flexible and has the capability to adapt to changes or integrate with multiple systems will keep your business competitive.

3) Adapt the architecture of your product, application, or technology to be flexible and designed for growth. Flexible metadata and asset hierarchies, combined with rapid search functionality and collaboration features keeps projects flowing. Making your system architecture extensible enables alternative configurations that can undergo incremental changes with time. This ensures that your technology evolves and scales with your growth.

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