Spend less time hunting, mining, searching, fixing, and re-working. Spend more time creating.

On any given day, agencies are challenged with managing files, client requests, projects, reviews, approvals, notes, comments, edits, revisions, status reports, and on and on. Teams are dispersed, and changes come fast and in multiples, which can make the workflow of an agency downright hectic. With TruEdit’s workflow management in the cloud, creatives collaborate in stride, accessing accurate files without having to hunt for information and track down the latest version. On the other end, clients log in and know the current status of a project, make revision notes, and get real production intelligence at a glance.

Website Content

When producing web pages for your client, TruEdit acts as a centralized hub for content development, review and approval. With a WordPress (or API) integration, TruEdit can automatically publish to a website upon approval.


Keeping style and messaging consistent is of utmost importance for your client. With TruEdit, you can be confident you are pulling only brand-approved artwork. And, you can efficiently publish to print and digital in one swift click.

Mobile Apps

With TruEdit and Twixl, you can provide your client with another way to engage their audience. Your client can be on the mobile app marketplace by making use of responsive content generated in TruEdit.


Consistent branding and messaging is key to a successful campaign. With your projects managed in TruEdit, you’ll be confident that your clients are well represented from mobile, to web, and in print.

Social Media

With content centralized in the TruEdit, content can easily be reviewed, approved, and pulled for social media distribution. Automations make publishing a snap, and your clients can have access to always know the status of your posts.


Offering a digital or print newsletter to your client is a wonderful way to grow business for both of you. Whether you produce print or digital newsletters, a centralized content generation platform is key to efficient production.

Create Your Own Workflows

Boost your creation process with TruEdit content workflows configured from scratch.

One Source for File Distribution

Creative team members manage content by “checking-in” and “checking-out” the most recent version of a file from one location.

Up-to-the-Minute Status View

Anyone in the TruEdit dashboard can quickly see the current assignee, as well as where the task lies.

Request Info

TruEdit content and workflow management software improves operations across your company by speeding up production time, identifying inefficiencies, and allowing previously sequential processes to work in parallel. It provides visibility and accountability for every team member.


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