Stay true to your mission by remaining focused on delivering your message to your members, wherever they may be.

In today’s content-driven world, Associations need to tell their own mission-driven stories, and provide members with the latest industry news, with expert insights. That’s a lot of content that needs to be created quickly and accurately, and published across platforms.


Keep messaging consistent with style sheets and brand collateral saved in a centralized location. With TruEdit, you can be confident you are working on the latest file version, or pulling brand approved artwork for new marketing projects.

Mobile Apps

With TruEdit and Twixl, you can provide your members with another way to engage with your organization. You can be on the mobile app marketplace by making use of responsive content generated in TruEdit.


Producing a magazine can seem like a daunting task with so many moving parts and contributors required for success. TruEdit centralizes and tracks the status of projects for staff and freelance contributors, making it easy to stay on top of your production and providing you with a platform to launch print and digital editions in sync.


Consistent branding and messaging is key to a successful campaign. With your projects managed in TruEdit, you’ll be confident that your messages are well represented from mobile, to web, and in print.

Social Media

With content centralized in the TruEdit, it can easily be reviewed, approved, and pulled for social media distribution. Automations make publishing a snap, and your team will always know the status of your posts.


Whether you produce print or digital newsletters, a centralized content generation platform is key to efficient production. With the TruEdit InDesign Plugin, designers can review and revise without leaving InDesign.

Create & Assign Jobs with Due Dates

The core of TruEdit is to create jobs. Any job in TruEdit can include a due date, providing teams with a clear timeline.

Leave and Share Notes

Effortlessly leave feedback for your team by using TruEdit’s notes, which keep the communication lines open and replaces the need for e-mail.

One Source for File Distribution

Creative team members manage content by “checking-in” and “checking-out” the most recent version of a file from one location.

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TruEdit content and workflow management software improves operations across your company by speeding up production time, identifying inefficiencies, and allowing previously sequential processes to work in parallel. It provides visibility and accountability for every team member.


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