Award-winning Texas Monthly has selected TruEdit as their content and workflow management system. TruEdit will support content creation for the print editions of Texas Monthly Magazine, annual guides, and special publications, with future plans for digital content creation. When Texas Monthly decided to replace their legacy system, they had a clear sense of their internal requirements. First, to support collaboration between freelancers, in-house and remote staff, the process management system had to be cloud-based. Additionally, the magazine wanted to simplify the workflow process and increase staff engaged for improved deadline management. Finally, the ability to integrate with new, and existing, content tools used by staff was critical. The choice was clear. As a secure, cloud-based content and workflow management system, TruEdit centralizes content creation, and manages workflows, for print, mobile, and web. Collaborative workflows allow Texas Monthly staff to work on projects, and track the status of their tasks, anytime and anywhere, via its web client or with the Adobe® InDesign®/Adobe InCopy® plug-in. In TruEdit, Dashboard & Reports provide real-time production intelligence to keep teams on deadline, while Overview provides an at-a-glance page flow. TruEdit integrates with over 750 apps, so staff could continue using their favorite tools, and automations will eventually further streamline their workflow. Finally, looking to the future, TruEdit's responsive HTML authoring tool, TruAuthor, will power digital-first content creation. This will enable Texas Monthly to create a single source of content for mobile, print and web.
About Texas Monthly
Since 1973, Texas Monthly has chronicled contemporary life in Texas. The national award-winning magazine has reported on vital issues such as politics, the environment, industry, and education.  Texas Monthly is known for its astute political commentary and compelling long-form narrative nonfiction. It is a go-to authority on the Texas scene, covering music, arts and culture, travel and restaurants. Texas Monthly provides its over two million monthly readers with content of the highest editorial and design quality.  


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