Save Time, Produce More

Create content once and publish it everywhere; all within a secure, cloud-based platform.

Bootstrap responsive design for multichannel publishing

TruAuthor, TruEdit’s digital content production tool, allows you to create responsive HTML content that can be published once to all screen sizes. From within the TruEdit® platform, teams can create interactive web and mobile content through a simple drag-drop interface; no coding experience is necessary. Learn more
process management

Manage your print workflow

Designers and production artists using InDesign can create an InDesign workflow to manage linked assets and check documents in and out, with the TruEdit InDesign Plug-in. So you can spend more time designing and less time tracking down information.

Automations for more efficient production

Improve your productivity and enhance the InDesign and InCopy workflow experience with TruEdit Toolbox. Choose time-saving automations that best support your production goals, such as auto-output, hyperlinking and tagging solutions.
business process management

Project layouts at your finger tips

TruEdit Overview, a publication management application, instantly displays the states of your InDesign® project. Overview provides a display of your InDesign® pages for a specific issue, project, or publication.
  • Up-to-the-minute project previews
  • Color-coded status indicators
  • Detail of individual spreads

Production intelligence for informed decision making

Lead with data and dashboards. Pulling from data centralized in TruEdit, Dashboard & Reporting is a data visualization platform that provides managers with the production intelligence they need. TruEdit Dashboard allows users to visualize individual project data to give real-time productivity and team accountability reports. Reporting provides a broader view of jobs managed in TruEdit, across projects, disciplines and other user set criteria.
  • Multi-dimensional analysis
  • Drill down for performance reporting
  • Calendar view of deadlines
workflow management system

Integrate with more than 750 apps

Explore some of the ways a TruEdit integration can keep you on task with these automations. Request a demo to see how TruEdit connects with your favorite apps.


Create a new job in TruEdit when a new file is added to your Dropbox folder.


Post a tweet to your company account when a specific status is reached in TruEdit.


Generate a new job in TruEdit when a new starred message is posted to your Slack account.

Google Forms

Create a job request form that automatically generates and assigns a job in TruEdit.

Google Calendar

Generate a new job in TruEdit when an event is added to your Google Calendar.

Google Drive

Create a new job in TruEdit when a new file is added to your Google Drive folder.


Generate a new job in TruEdit when a new task is created in Teamwork.

One Source for File Distribution

Creative team members manage content by “checking-in” and “checking-out” the most recent version of a file from one location: TruEdit.

Access Files Anytime and Anywhere

TruEdit’s web client gives users the ability to read/edit/manage files right from a web browser.

Leave and Share Notes

Effortlessly leave feedback for your team by using TruEdit’s notes, which keep the communication lines open and replaces the need for e-mail.

Assign and Share Job Status

Easily communicate progress in your workflow to the whole team with a status update or new assignment.


TruEdit can keep several versions of a file, so if you need to refer to a past edit, you don’t need to dig through e-mail or share drives.

Create Your Own Workflows

Boost your creation process with TruEdit content workflows configured from scratch.

Create & Assign Jobs with Due Dates

The core of TruEdit is to create jobs. Any job in TruEdit can come with a due date, providing teams with a clear timeline.

Up-to-the-Minute Status View

Anyone in the TruEdit dashboard can quickly see where a task lies and the current assignee.

E-mail Notifications

Creative teams have the option of being notified via e-mail when a task has been assigned, quickly kick-starting the process.

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TruEdit content and workflow management software improves operations across your company by speeding up production time, identifying inefficiencies, and allowing previously sequential processes to work in parallel. It provides visibility and accountability for every team member.


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