Don't get lost on the shelves and newsstands.... deliver all of your publications on time and to print, web, and mobile.

Publishers, both large and small, face special challenges when creating, managing and distributing their content. How, in the midst of a seemingly endless buffet of content, do you continue to offer your audiences top-notch content at the breakneck pace that readers have come to expect? With TruEdit's 360-degree collaboration, and workflow management at every stage of the process, your publications can be agile, efficient, and omnipresent.


An efficient workflow and reliable tools are of the utmost importance when racing towards a deadline. With TruEdit InDesign and InCopy Plugins, designers and editors can make real time edits using their favorite tools.

Mobile Apps

Give your readers even more opportunities to enjoy your publications. With TruEdit and Twixl, you can get new books and magazines into the mobile app marketplace long before they actually hit the stands.

Website Content

Keep your website relevant by using TruEdit as a centralized hub for content development, review and approval. With a WordPress (or API) integration, TruEdit can automatically publish to a website upon approval, giving you more time to create valuable content.


Managing your advertising materials in TruEdit keeps production and delivery simple. With the TruEdit InDesign Plugin, designers can make the latest updates to ads without having to leave the In-Design platform, which keeps everything moving in the right direction.

Social Media

With everything centralized in TruEdit, any piece of content from novels to photo captions can easily be mined for use on social media. Hitting all your favorite social media platforms simultaneously is a snap when using our social media automations.

Blog Posts

Keep your readers excited about new authors, articles or titles with consistent blog posts. With TruEdit as your centralized hub, your entire team can create and coordinate quality content, publishing your posts based on the trigger you set up such as an author signing or a special issue release.

Create & Assign Jobs with Due Dates

The core of TruEdit is to create jobs. Any job in TruEdit can include a due date, providing teams with a clear timeline.

Leave and Share Notes

Effortlessly leave feedback for your team by using TruEdit’s notes, which keep the communication lines open and replaces the need for e-mail.

One Source for File Distribution

Creative team members manage content by “checking-in” and “checking-out” the most recent version of a file from one location.

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TruEdit content and workflow management software improves operations across your company by speeding up production time, identifying inefficiencies, and allowing previously sequential processes to work in parallel. It provides visibility and accountability for every team member.


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