DuPont Partners With MEI to Create Mobile Apps for Worldwide Sales Teams

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The multinational corporation’s Crop Protection division has a mission of helping the world’s farmers stave off crop loss to feed a rapidly growing population. The team has partnered with MEI to empower its global sales force and customers with mobile apps that deliver critical product information on demand.

Founded in 1802, DuPont is a science and engineering company dedicated to solving the world’s most challenging problems. DuPont Crop Protection produces insect, weed and disease control solutions designed to improve crop yield and quality. It has more than 10,000 internal and external sales professionals focused on working with millions of large- and small-scale farmers in more than 130 countries.


In 2012 the Crop Protection digital marketing team launched a complete redesign of the division’s websites using the Adobe® Experience Manager (AEM) web content management system. It was the start of a much-needed digital transformation, but it was not without challenges. The complex project involved creating websites for 37 countries. These sites needed to support content for a dizzying array of product lines. And they needed to house globally mandated brand content while also accommodating locally created content, since farmers in each country grow different crops and each country has different regulatory environments. To meet this challenge, the DuPont digital marketing team created a repeatable process that helped them design and launch the subsequent sites much more quickly. Next, given that DuPont Crop Protection sales are literally out in the fields, the DuPont digital marketing team set out to create an efficient and productive mobile experience for the sales force and customers. Beyond simply creating responsive content for mobile devices, they wanted to create dynamic and engaging mobile apps that would put the precise product information right at the fingertips of their sales reps — even in remote locations on farms where WiFi isn’t available. The goal for mobile app deployment has been that reps everywhere are able to tailor the app content for each customer, for example, by only delivering information about locally approved pesticides. The mobile app is designed to support the rep’s local knowledge with immediate, native language content.

The Solution

The DuPont digital marketing team decided to use AEM Mobile to build and distribute these mobile apps. But they also knew they’d need guidance to make the content creation and app distribution process smooth and efficient, so they engaged MEI to help. “Our contacts at Adobe referred us to MEI,” says Joanne Hewitson, Global Digital Marketing Lead for Crop Protection. “They told us the folks at MEI were experts who could help our sales and marketing people in 37 countries engage with local customers via mobile apps.” MEI’s Nervous Pixel creative team used the MEI TruEdit and Portico solutions to help DuPont build and deploy the first set of apps for Canada, the U.S., Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, and Turkey. The number of countries using the mobile app will double in the first half of 2017. By using the MEI TruEdit HTML content authoring capability, DuPont has created reusable templates that each country can customize for its own client base. “They’ve helped us build in areas for fixed branding elements that provide brand and content consistency worldwide,” says Hewitson. “But they’ve also developed the apps to allow for flexibility, so our regions can customize based on the languages, products, crops, and regulatory information that’s relevant to their customers.” MEI has also created on-demand training programs for DuPont’s sales and marketing professionals, so they can easily learn how to update the apps to meet their needs. The TruEdit training program has enabled the Crop Protection marketing teams around the world access to a content hub where they can store all of their content assets, see the status of their projects, collaborate effectively, and manage the production process efficiently. Jobs are assigned to appropriate team members, and updates keep users and managers informed and on the same page. Hewitson can log in to TruEdit and see the progress of all countries’ work, while individual team members see just what’s needed from them and their immediate colleagues. TruEdit enables Crop Protection marketers to easily create responsive HTML for publishing to all mobile platforms and screen sizes. “Our marketing people don’t have to be programmers to put together these apps,” says Hewitson. “It’s a really cost-effective, efficient way for our teams to manage their content, so any time they need to change a picture or headline or adjust copy slightly, they can do it wherever they are in seconds.” TruEdit also helps Crop Protection teams create content once and publish it many times in multiple languages, saving time and money and ensuring brand consistency. For example, if one team publishes a great article in their app, the TruEdit workflow makes the article content available for teams to quickly clone for their own apps. “Our teams are stretched to do so many things,” says Hewitson. “TruEdit makes it easy for them to access high-performing content right when they need it, and that’s a huge win.”
“Our marketing people don’t have to be programmers to put together these apps,” says Hewitson.
The MEI Portico provides user authentication for the Crop Protection team members to access content specific to their local market along with access to content available to all of the country sales teams. MEI Portico provides entitlement to Crop Protection content that is publicly available as well. Once the mobile apps have launched in all countries, the digital marketing team will begin working to refine the mobile experiences. They’ll use measurement and analytics tools to determine what content is most effective and in demand, and, as Hewitson says, they’ll ensure that all of their effort goes into creating content that is relevant and useful to customers. “Ultimately,” she says, “we want to make it so that our customers won’t want to do business with anyone else since it’s so easy to use DuPont.”

The Results

DuPont Crop Protection is already experiencing great results with the MEI TruEdit and AEM Mobile solutions. The company estimates more than $500K in efficiency gains from using a single, shared platform worldwide. Online delivery of information through the mobile apps will save $1M in printing costs. And the company calculates a 50% improvement in time-to-market for its content. Hewitson says that MEI has helped DuPont Crop Protection fulfill their mobile strategy. “We’ve empowered customer conversations, particularly those between our field reps and farmers. We’ve enhanced the customer journey by making interactions more convenient and enjoyable. We’ve provided training and support for our partners so they can make the most of the apps for their needs. We’ve improved collaboration between marketing and sales. And we’ve been able to capture data and performance analytics in a disciplined way that helps us provide optimal content at all times.” She adds, “We’re glad we turned to MEI to help us navigate the challenges. It’s hard to find that combination of great creative and brilliant technical skills, but MEI has so much mobile publishing experience. They were able to help us understand the possibilities and then make it happen with expert development and worldwide training.” The first app, DuPont™ Evalio™ Field Partner Canada is now available in the app store.
“We’re glad we turned to MEI to help us navigate the challenges. It’s hard to find that combination of great creative and brilliant technical skills, but MEI has so much mobile publishing experience.” Joanne Hewitson, Global Digital Marketing Lead for DuPont Crop Protection Challenges
  • Accommodate a large global staff
  • Apps for 12 countries and growing
  • Multiple languages
  • Custom content per country
  • Available on multiple screens & devices
  • Responsive templates
  • Content management system
  • Digital publishing platform
  • Secure user authentication
  • User self-training program
  • Single, shared global app platform
  • Substantial efficiency gains
  • Print-related cost savings
  • Shortened time to market
  • Enhanced customer journey
  • Improved collaboration between marketing and sales
Systems at a Glance
  • TruEdit Content Platform
  • TruEdit HTML Content Authoring
  • Adobe Experience Manager Mobile
  • Portico secure app authentication
Technology Training Made Easy MEI created instructional videos that enabled DuPont’s far-flung marketing and sales personnel — including those who are less technically inclined — to quickly take advantage of the new customizable apps. Each short video focuses on a specific aspect of the mobile tools, so viewers can master foundational skills first and then move on to learn more complex skills. The MEI team also made the videos available on demand, so users can access the information they need at any moment, anywhere. By eliminating the need to have employees travel for training, this learning model has saved DuPont significant time and money, and it has enabled the company to reap the apps’ productivity benefits even faster.

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