Euromoney Institutional Investor Triumphs with TruEdit

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Euromoney Institutional Investor (EII) was looking to increase operational efficiency and streamline the production process for their publications: Institutional Investor and Alpha. After an internal assessment, the company decided to move from their legacy system to MEI’s TruEdit. We sat down with Business Applications Analyst, Valerie Crowley, to discuss how the new system is improving the way EII works.
What was the motivation to change your content management system? When I joined EII a couple years ago, the first thing I did was a full audit of current applications and systems. My philosophy is: tell me what you are looking to accomplish and I will advise you on the best way to get there, so I wanted to be sure we were working as efficiently as possible. It’s all about working better; smarter. Over the course of the audit, I discovered that the content system in place was not the best system to meet our needs. Features were under-utilized or unnecessary, the system was overly complicated, and it required a significant effort in time and IT resources to maintain. After doing some research and working with MEI, it was determined that TruEdit could more fully support our goals to improve contributor processes, reduce our server imprint, and increase efficiency. How did you select TruEdit? We needed a system that supported our current workflow, and improved it. A system that could support the way our editorial and creative teams work, enhance current processes, and reduce the organizational resources required to maintain the system. The team was seeking a system that simplified the process and was user friendly. At the end of my research, TruEdit was a no-brainer. It’s a better system, at a more reasonable price, and met much of our criteria. TruAuthor, the native TruEdit HTML authoring module, was a key factor that allowed us to change the ways in which remote workers deliver content. Being able to produce web, mobile and print content from a web browser, anywhere, is a huge benefit, as we have staff and freelance writers working across continents. The integration with InDesign and InCopy allows our teams to continue using their favorite tools within the TruEdit workflow. Real-time updates, version control, and the project management tools – such as status rights for all content – are important features that support our objectives. The TruEdit platform comes with data backup and recovery, which reduced the expense and resource required under our legacy system. The ability to work directly with the TruEdit development and support staff , rather than a 3rd party re-seller, has been a huge benefit. TruEdit represented a system that we could fully utilize, and has improved production operations. It was an easy decision. What was the conversion process like? How was training and implementation? Implementation has been very smooth, with a minimal learning curve. TruEdit is very process-driven. Workflow is simplified and logical. We have found it very easy to use. In fact, just last week, I needed to add a couple new users to the system. In no time they were up and running, and have been working in the system without issue ever since. How has TruEdit changed the way you work? What have been the outcomes? It has saved us time and money- it doesn’t require the same level of internal or external service and support as our legacy system. Our legacy system required us to backup all our data, and maintain the servers ourselves. Additionally, we required a software service agreement to support our legacy system. It was a huge drain on staff and budget resources. Now data backup and recovery is maintained through MEI and TruEdit. Moving to TruEdit reduced our server imprint by 75%, and significantly reduced support expenses. Less time is spent on training, trouble-shooting, or maintaining our content management system. As a result, our Technology Department is now able to focus on other projects. The Editorial and Creative Teams are much happier with TruEdit, which in turn has made them more productive. The gain in efficiency and productivity, means more time can be dedicated to brand development. The big take-away has been that TruEdit better suits our needs and has improved the way we work. Phase two of implementation is incorporating TruAuthor into our workflow. The value for us has been in streamlining the system and process, so I’m anxious to see what happens after we add this piece. The TruAuthor implementation into the workflow will occur this month (October). You mentioned implementing TruAuthor, how do you envision that impacting your workflow? We are really excited about adding TruAuthor to our process. It’s a great way for remote users to enter content. Being able to log in from anywhere on any web browser will be immensely helpful for our freelance and staff writers. This was one of the big selling points when we were considering TruEdit, as it represents a new, better way for remote workers to deliver content. Right now, our freelance writers are required to maintain subscriptions to Adobe Creative Suite, in order to submit copy. With the adoption of TruAuthor, they will be able to log into TruEdit, and submit content directly. The VPN access will also be unnecessary, eliminating the obstacles remote workers and IT are currently challenged by. The pressure is not only to provide a steady stream of content, but also to be the first to tell the story. With TruEdit we are working better and smarter, to be everywhere our audience is. TruAuthor will allow us to work web-first, and I believe it will give us a competitive edge on breaking news stories.
“The team was seeking a system that simplified the process and was user friendly. At the end of my research, TruEdit was a no-brainer.” Valerie Crowley, Business Applications Analyst, Euromoney Institutional Investor Challenges
  • Inefficient operations
  • Complex production process
  • Content delivery for remote workers
  • Server maintenance
  • Improved contributor processes
  • Reduced server imprint
  • Simplified process, increased efficiency
  • Data backup and recovery included

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