Aristotle allegedly said, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”  If he lived in modern times, Aristotle would have applied this quote to the process of creating textbooks. 

My first job in the publishing industry was with an educational publisher. In my role, I was able to see firsthand the number of resources that go into authoring, editing, designing and proofing each student and teacher edition. Not to mention all the photography and art produced. The average textbook for a fifth grader easily has over 20 team members working on the development. These teams involve content experts and specialists comprised of full-time and contract resources.

Content creation in textbook publishing means there are several variations of each book. Not just print and digital, but also editions targeted to individual states, or in some cases, an individual district. It is common for a publisher to have dozens-- if not hundreds-- of books in development at the same time. A workflow management system makes it possible to coordinate and track materials as they go through the development process.

With content and workflow management powered by TruEdit, teams are able to work in parallel. Subject-matter experts are empowered to make edits and see exactly how they appear in the final format. Team members are, at any moment, able to get a real-time status of each lesson, photograph, and layout. Content can be shared across print and digital formats. In short, improving accuracy and time to market, enabling publishers to seek new opportunities aimed at enhancing the education of our youth.

About TruEdit
TruEdit is a content and workflow management system designed and developed by MEI, experts in professional publishing systems. To learn how a TruEdit solution can help your content creation and workflow needs, contact us today.


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