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A comprehensive approach to content production, beginning with responsive HTML

Easily Create Responsive HTML with TruEdit

The future of storytelling is powered by HTML. The TruAuthor HTML Composer, the authoring tool within TruEdit, allows digital content to be created effortlessly. Businesses save time and money by allowing team members with no coding experience to produce pages of interactive content through a simple drag-drop interface. Create and save HTML templates to allow your teams to quickly style pages for future editions.

Responsive Design for All Devices

Designers no longer need to plan extra time to optimize content for the different size screens that are used to consume content. TruAuthor HTML Composer provides a single point for digital content production. As content is built and revised, the layout remains responsive, so it always presents well across devices, and the layout is always ready to be viewed on desktops, phones, and tablets.

And for Print

TruEdit supports the placement of content from TruAuthor HTML Composer directly into an InDesign layout. This means you now have a single content file that can be used for output to your web, mobile and print channels – and all from the same file managed in the TruEdit workflow. What’s more, if that copy gets edited, that edit is passed through to the print layout and therefore to all your channels!

All Within a Dynamic, Cloud-Based System

TruAuthor HTML Composer works right inside of TruEdit, the collaborative workflow solution for content creation. When you build a page of content in TruAuthor, you can add assets and copy that have already been approved in the TruEdit system. Once the page is complete, directly check it back in, update the status, assign it to the reviewer, and keep the project moving along.

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