Now your readers can enjoy the app experience on their desktop

Twixl Media recently announced the new release of version 6 of their Branded App platform, Twixl Publisher. Twixl has smoothed out some bugs, but most notably with this update, they’ve expanded functionality to include a new “Browser Client” experience. Thousands are already relying on Twixl Publisher to create and deliver rich, customizable mobile apps, but now with the option to provide the experience on the desktop as well, they've got all the digital channels covered. The browser client lets you offer the full article-based app experience in web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, …), and therefore providing a third publishing platform, in addition to iOS and Android Apps. With this update, you can create your content once and publish it to both your native apps and to your web site in just one shot.

The browser client brings the rich app experience to the computer

  • All your content, including your browse pages
  • All interactivity
  • Instant content updates for both the apps and the browser version
  • Support for entitlement is built-in
Consumers want to be able to enjoy content the way that is most comfortable and/or accessible at that very moment. If they're in a boring meeting or out shopping, they'll access it on the phone. If they're at home on the couch or hanging out at a coffee shop, they might rely on a tablet for entertainment and information. But if they're at a desk, at home or at the office, they want to be able to access their app content on the computer. Until now, those sitting in front of a desktop screen were left out of the app experience. Not any more.

What else is new in Twixl Publisher 6?

  • Redesign of the PDF reading experience on iOS
  • Improved PDF rendering on iOS
  • Many bug fixes regarding download storage in issue-based apps on iOS
  • Better status bar appearance on modern Android devices
  • Bug fixes for iPhone X
  • A plethora of bug fixes, big and small
If you would like to try out Twixl Publisher, go HERE.

Did you know that you can boost your Twixl app production with a TruEdit integration?

You can save some timely steps by integrating Twixl Publisher with TruEdit. In this clip, you'll see how the status of a TruEdit job can automate an export and upload into your Twixl app platform.
To learn more about TruEdit or Twixl Publisher, contact us.


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