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Twixl Publisher Integration with TruEdit

(6:25 minutes) You can save some timely steps by integrating Twixl Publisher with TruEdit. In this clip, Brett shows you how the status of a TruEdit job can automate an export and upload into your Twixl app platform.


Teamwork Integration with TruEdit

(4:31 minutes) Watch this short clip to see how Teamwork and TruEdit can work together to improve your workflow.


Google Forms Integration with TruEdit

(6:41 minutes) Google Forms are quick and easy to set up; this video shows how you can create a job request form that automatically generates and assigns a job in TruEdit.


Email Integration with TruEdit

(3:20 minutes) See how you can integrate email with TruEdit to create and assign jobs right from your email box.


Slack Integration with TruEdit

(3:41 minutes) Slack is an excellent communication tool for creative teams and TruEdit is your preference for workflow management. This short video shows you how to integrate Slack into your TruEdit work-in-progress workflow so you can have the best of both worlds.


Twitter Integration with TruEdit

(2:09 minutes) If you're managing messages and marketing content in TruEdit, why not include social media? See how an integration with TruEdit can provide you with a platform for collaborating and scheduling social media posts.


TruEdit Toolbox and HTML

(6:12 minutes) Watch how you can export clean HTML from an InDesign layout to be use as digital content for multi-channel distribution.


WordPress Integration with TruEdit

(7:04 minutes) Connect TruEdit with your WordPress CMS and you can publish web content with an automation once you reach the "publish" status in TruEdit.


Working in the TruEdit InDesign Plug-In

See how easy it is to check-in and check-out jobs. You can also change the job assignment and the assignee as needed.


Managing Projects

TruEdit allows you to manage every aspect of your project. Discover how you can oversee the entire process.


Tour the Admin

Check out TruEdit's admin portal, which allows you to configure your workflow, edit your user privileges, and more.


Getting Started in the Web client

In addition to the plug-in, you can also access TruEdit through the web client. Learn about how you can make edits and control workflow through your browser.


Designer & Writer Collaboration

See how TruEdit's Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign integration allows the writer and the designer to work closely together.


Installing the TruEdit Plug-in

Follow our step-by-step instructions of how to download and install our TruEdit InDesign plug-in.



TruEdit Integrations and Automations

(51 minutes) Did you know that you can tie a TruEdit workflow into popular apps such as WordPress, Dropbox, Basecamp, Slack, Evernote, and Twitter? Join us as we demonstrate some clever time-saving integrations that are sure to boost your content productivity.

TruEdit Overview and Dashboard Webinar

(30 minutes) This desktop application provides a birdseye view of your realtime print production status for an issue, project or publication.

TruEdit Workflow in a Changed World

(32 minutes) Join us to learn how TruEdit paves the way for your team to collaborate anywhere and distribute to customers everywhere. See how the Gettysburg Address would be distributed in today’s multi-channel world.


TruAuthor HTML authoring for Twixl Publisher

(30 minutes) Watch the demonstration of how TruAuthor can be used to generate HTML content which is then uploaded into an app built with Twixl Publisher.


Designer & Writer Collaboration

See how TruEdit's Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign integration allows the writer and the designer to work closely together.


TruEdit 2.0

(35 minutes) This webinar goes into detail about TruEdit 2.0. We explain how easy it is to create dynamic HTML content with TruAuthor and how TruEdit's InCopy plug-in is a fantastic asset for writers, designers, and layout artists.


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TruEdit content and workflow management software improves operations across your company by speeding up production time, identifying inefficiencies, and allowing previously sequential processes to work in parallel. It provides visibility and accountability for every team member.


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